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MARYLAND TIRE COMPANYRunning on retreads is the surest way to reduce your tire operating costs, and that’s because our retreads are as close to “zero maintenance” tires as you can get. At Maryland Tire Company we feature Oliver Rubber. Founded in 1912, Oliver Rubber Company is the oldest manufacturer of tread rubber in the United States and has established a proud history of innovation and technical leadership.

We are an Oliver Elite Licensee Retread Plant. Not every retread plant can list that credential. You have to meet higher standards to earn that title.

What makes our retreads the BEST?

  • Inspection – We inspect all casings with the Oliver Wide-Scan, a non-destructive ultrasonic casing inspector that detects flaws which other, less sophisticated equipment can’t even see.
  • Buffing and Building – Here is where precision retreading pays off for you. Casings are carefully buffed, repaired as needed and then built to assure performance over the long haul.
  • Curing – Oliver’s curing chambers and patented Quick-Seal system assure the strongest bond between the new tread and the casing.
  • Final Inspection – Our skilled technicians inspect and finish the tire to make sure it passes our high standards. Anything less simply won’t do.

"Simply the Best"

Oliver Rubber Company

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